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Why You Should Look For E-Cigarette Liquid Online

It is common knowledge to us modern humans that cigarette smoking is dangerous to our health. Despite the fact that smoking has harmful effects to the body, most of the occasional smokers are still doing it. One of the best things that we human beings have is technology that always gives us new and improved ways to help us in our daily struggle for survival and one of these innovations is the e-cig. The best possible alternative form of cigarettes that will not do any harmful effects to our lungs would be the e-cig. So if ever you are a smoker in particular and you want to change for the better and aim for stopping your smoking habits then using e-cigarette would be perfect for you. Several information regarding e-cigarettes are listed below for your information.

One particular thing to know about e-cigarettes is the so called liquid that is contained inside them. The liquid in e-cigarettes serves as the juice that makes them smoke and it is inserted like a load into the cartridge of the e-cigarettes thereby calling it by the name e-liquid. Probably the most important part in e-cigarettes, e-liquids are sometimes referred to by people who are using them as space jam e-liquid or e-juice depending on the user. In an e-liquid inside the e-cigarette, the juice or e-liquid is comprised of exactly five components and they are flavorings, nicotine, water, PG or Propylene glycol, and VG or Vegetable glycerin. The nicotine along with the flavoring is being suspended at the e-cigarette’s base in order to produce the smoke-like vapor that comes out of the e-cigarette. And as for the vegetable glycerin and the propylene glycol, these are all organic compounds that are non-toxic to the human body so its safe. The next few paragraphs will orient you on what really are these two organic compounds and what they do. In the e-cigarette system, the vegetable glycerin or VG as it is abbreviated is used for more vapor production. The seemingly sweet addicting flavor that can be tasted in the vapor is also from vegetable glycerin. This organic compound also allows smooth hits to the throat upon inhalation. The organic compound is derived from healthy vegetables so there is no need to worry on health issues. The second organic compound known as propylene glycol or (PG) would be considered the sweeter one among the two. The propylene glycol creates that great hit feeling when smoking e-cigarettes. This particular organic compound produces less vapor compared to the vegetable variant. There is a lot to choose from when it comes to e-cigarettes flavors and you can even have multiple if you like. Vanilla, strawberry, tobacco and even coffee flavors is available in e-cigarettes and a whole lot more. .

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