Introducing Laser Treatment Group People Liverpool

The Laser Treatment Group was created and produced to create together the most effective laser treatment experts throughout the Uk, to ensure that clients can seek, compare and evaluate specialist treatment centers inside area.

All the laser treatment Groups member treatment centers offer discomfort free laser treatment while using latest, revolutionary technology, the brand new Soprano XL.

What’s the Soprano XL laser and just what causes it to be special?

The Soprano XL may be the first system to provide laser treatment easily as well as in total comfort, the feeling has been in comparison to some hot stone massage. In addition however the Soprano XL may be the first system that’s in a position to securely and effectively be utilized on all skin colours from black to whitened and all things in between.

The Soprano XL Combines the Defacto Standard laser for laser hair removal, the 810 Diode laser, with completely new, revolutionary high fluence, rapid pulse, IN-Motion technology. Besides the brand new IN-Motion delivery technique ensure safe and effect laser treatment it removes the issue of skipped spots or uneven coverage that’s very common among other laser systems.

How do you use it?

The Soprano XL uses what’s broadly recognised because the bench mark in laser treatment technology, the 810 diode laser. In which the Soprano XL is different from other laser systems is within the way it provides its energy towards the treatment area.

Traditional lasers concentrate single pulses of intense light energy onto small regions of skin, typically 1cm squared, to warmth your hair follicle enough to break it and stop re-growth regrettably this energy can also be absorbed through the surrounding tissue and may cause adverse unwanted effects for example burning and perhaps even skin damage.

However, the Soprano XL provides continuous rapid pulses of sunshine energy and it is used in a sweeping, fresh paint brush like, motion and therefore the power is spread on the much bigger area giving a far more even and delicate distribution of one’s and greatly reducing the risk of such unwanted effects.

Actually, while any warmth, light or high energy treatment poses risks where unwanted effects happen to be an issue with traditional lasers, the Soprano XL reduces the risk of adverse unwanted effects to virtually zero, even on more dark skin that has been formerly untreatable because of the truth that dark skin soaks up warmth/light energy much more easily than light coloured skin.

Overall because of the brand new technology utilized in the Soprano XL, this technique has shown again and again to become one of the most effective laser treatment remedies available whilst to be the one of the most secure and many comfortable.

Liverpool Epilight New Skin Clinic

Epilight New Skin continues to be among the first treatment centers in the united states to give the new light/laser facial treatment for PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION, the Soprano XL.

Experts within their area with training and equipment to rival world industry leaders, they’ve always in the leading edge of technology with what is among the most fast paced industries on the planet.

Epilight New Skin Clinic has more than fifteen years experience of using laser along with other technical complexity remedies including Pixel laser skin ablation, Photo-rejuvenation, wrinkle and skin damage remedies, laser tattoo Removal, Accent Rf, Acne Remedy, leg vein removal and skin tightening using near infrared technology, in addition to a whole selection of other non laser related skin and beauty treatments.

With 1000’s of satisfied clients you can be certain that you’re within the most secure of hands which you will get only the most effective. Epilight New Skin Clinic Liverpool is controlled through the Care Quality Commission.

Writen by Shannon