Improve Your Smile With Single Dental Implants

When someone is missing a tooth in the front of their smile, they often try to hide their teeth and avoid talking or eating in front of others. A missing tooth can have profound effects on a person’s life. In today’s appearance driven society, it can cause people to feel alienated in their personal and professional life. In the past, the only thing a person could do was have a temporary bridge put in. Now, there is a permanent option available through single dental implants.

A dental implant is a two-part system that is implanted in the mouth through surgery. The first part of the implant is the root. this titanium root is screwed down into the jawbone so it can remain in place during the bonding process. Bonding takes place as the bone begins to grow around the screw. Eventually, the new bone growth completely surrounds the titanium root until they cannot be separated.

Bonding takes place over a few months and then the patient is brought back in for the placement of the crown. The crown is the tooth-shaped part of the implant that completely covers the metal portion and meets the gum tissue. Once these two parts are joined, the implant looks just like a natural tooth and functions so a person has no trouble properly chewing all types of foods.

When the dentist has placed the implant, it will last a lifetime if properly cared for. Routine maintenance carried out by the dentist can keep the implant looking and functioning beautifully. It is imperative a person carefully follows his dentist’s instructions for care so the implant tooth does not become damaged and end up needing to be replaced.

Those who would like to learn if they are a good candidate for this procedure will first need to have a consultation appointment with their dentist. This will allow the gum and bone tissue to carefully be examined so a decision can be made.

A beautiful smile is no longer out of your reach. Missing teeth can be permanently replaced with dental implants. Contact your dentist right away and see how your smile can be permanently transformed.

Writen by Bradford Todd