How To Take Care Of Teenage Breast Age

How to Care for Breast Age Teenagers, to keep tight and not easily loose is very important. Female / female teens are special beings who are blessed with the beauty of the body that one of them is having a breast with a size larger than a man. Large breast size, fast and plump can be one of its own attraction, for that area of ​​breast the young women should always be maintained for healthy, fast and beautiful. Women / girls should understand how to keep and care for breasts so as not to easily loose, various efforts must be made so that this is met in order to support the appearance.
Let’s Treat Your Breasts From Early!

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Hi have you taken care of and maintain your breast health early on? Well, even though you are still a virgin girl but there is no harm is also not to take care of him ?? This important point may most teenage girls ignore or underestimate. The following tips can help you guys who want to take care and keep her breasts healthy and avoid the disease.
Special tips for maintaining breast health and fitness can be done at home regularly, here’s how … let’s check this out girls!

Prepare towels that have been soaked in warm water, oil bulus, wet cotton, breast mask, rose water, warm water, ice, and cotton that has been moistened.

Clean the breast with a towel that has been soaked in warm water. Do it in the supine position.

Gently rub the breast skin with the towel, then dry. Apply ointment or olive oil, then massage-massage the breast gently for 10-15 minutes. Ask for help from people closest, it will be better results.

Clean back the breast with a wet towel, then dry it in a natural way. Do not dry in the sun,can danger.

Close the nipple with wet cotton. After that mix the mask with rose water, then apply evenly on the breast using a soft brush. Leave on for 10-15 minutes or until the mask is dry.

Then rinse the breast with warm water until clean, then compress with ice. Tap-pat your breast with a cotton wool soaked.

But besides that also must also pay attention also things commonly possible by teenage woman also need to know, because this also will affect to breast health that is:

Size bra – Yes, one of the important things is the size of a bra. You should pay attention to this yes … The size of an improper bra can make the breast shape less tight (loose). Make sure to use the right bra yes girls, in order to avoid breast injury hanging free for too long without any tools that support the breast. You certainly do not want to have breasts like grannies do not!

Push-ups – Well, this one sport may be mostly teenage girls lazy to do it. Push ups can strengthen the chest muscles under the breast tissue so it can tighten it. But be careful, because if excessive in developing muscle, breasts will be smaller.

Consumption of healthy & balanced foods – this activity that never missed certainly a girl? But whether you have noticed what type of food you consume is healthy or not. Well from now on make sure you guys, teenage women consume foods that have a fairly high estrogen content eg soy, wheat, dairy products, and cheese. Materials, chemicals called bromine and manganese can also help stimulate the natural sex hormones in the body. You can find these two natural chemicals in rice, corn, shrimp, clams, apples, pears, and almonds.

How girls … already know how to do ?? So do not hesitate to do maintenance on this important part since the early yes. Because it is also for the good of yourself, the prospective husband and of course the little one you will have later.The spirit.

Along with the increasing age of women / women, the size of the breasts become smaller and slack, it is normal for every woman, then we should anticipate it as early as possible. For how to enlarge breasts have traditionally been discussed in the previous article. Breast composed of fat gland tissue located under the skin of the chest and its capacity can increase or decrease. When the capacity decreases, the size of the breast will be small and loosened. If this happens, special care is required to return the breast size to its original shape. Consider some ways to keep and take care of the breast so as not to easily slack.

Food, intake of food consumed is very influential on our body, including also ideal size of breast and health and His firmness. Recommended foods that are good for maintaining breast health are those that contain vitamin A, C and E. Many recommend eating peanuts for women because it is very me.

Writen by Anis Beckham