How To Reduce Your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an embarrassing problem that many women do not like to deal with during pregnancy. These marks are caused when your skin stretches due to excessive weight- not always from a baby, but this is the most common cause of stretch marks. To combat this issue, many companies are coming up with creams and lotions to reduce the marks on your skin. Some of these creams are actually very effective if you follow their instructions. One such stretch removal cream is Revitol. This cream is very popular because many women claim to have success with it. It is also very cheap and can be found on the internet for about $40.

The revitol stretch mark prevention cream is very good for reducing the stretch marks on your belly and making them much less visible. When you are using a cream like this you should know not to expect a miracle cure that will completely restore your skin. A cream can only do so much and a lot of it depends on your skin type. Those with very dry skin may have a more difficult time trying to get rid of stretch marks. Revitol works by enhancing the production of elastin and collagen in your skin. These are two critical things that your skin needs in order to stretch and function properly. You must always make sure that you are following the directions exactly when using a product like this. If you miss a single day of using the cream, then the results might not be as you desire. Check some reviews from others who have used the product and see how they were using it so that you can repeat the exact process and get the same results.

There is no need to feel embarrassed about your stretch marks when you are going through pregnancy or gaining weight. You simply need to find yourself a cream that will reduce the marks so they will not be visible. Don’t get discouraged if the first cream you try does not work because everybody has a slightly different skin type. Try finding one that is made for extremely dry skin if you have marks that are very obvious. Revitol is always a good cream to start with if you are looking for something that is cheap and effective.

Writen by Bradford Todd