How to Finally Let it Go: Women, Venus and Weight Loss

If you are a woman and have ever been on a diet or fifty, then hearing about another miracle weight loss program or product may send you running in the other direction. However, like most women, you love to hear about something that just might work after all. Invented by John Barban, the Venus Factor diet has partnered women with a diet that is designed just for them. The Venus Factor herb works with a woman’s specific hormones that affect the rate of metabolism when boosted properly.

So, you ask, what is the Venus Factor herb? Dissected, it consists of more than one ingredient. It is a combination of exotic plant extracts which together form the Venus Factor secret food to help women lose weight more easily. Women tend to plateau on almost any diet and exercise plan. The Venus Factor herb is designed to adjust the hormone leptin which will in turn speed up the metabolism and prohibit the body from hitting that plateau. Since the body tends to veer into starvation mode once you begin to cut the calories, it holds on to the fat that is stored for survival. The physiology of the body doesn’t understand that you want to release the stored fat; it’s just instinct to hold on to it for protection. The Venus Factor herb encourages the production of leptin so that your body allows the stored fat to be burned as energy.

There is no big hidden concept with the Venus Factor diet. Along with healthy foods you provide, no pre-packaged meals here, and the Venus Factor supplemental herb, exercise is definitely expected. You don’t have to run five miles a day, but some kind of low-impact activity for thirty minutes a day is recommended. Participating in the Venus Factor diet is a commitment to changing your lifestyle. It is intended to work for women who want to lose weight in a healthy manner and without the fear of the pounds piling on again, in addition to a few more.

There is no trickery of how the program works. The premise of the Venus Factor makes sense when you think about how the body reacts to specific conditions. If you have the ability to control the conditions, you have won half of the battle. The Venus Factor program offers the opportunity for women everywhere to take control of their unwanted fat and finally let it go.

Writen by Bradford Todd