How to Become an X-ray Tech

A radiology technologist also known as an X-ray tech, is a vital element as it relates to a patient’s care. He or she is responsible for operating imaging equipment used in performing x-ray and MRI exams on patients. Without such images, a doctor could not accurately see what may be the cause of a patient’s condition.


X-ray techs work with doctors to assist in arriving at a diagnosis. Therefore, he or she must be able to follow instructions to the letter. Attention to detail is vital, but perhaps equally as important is the ability to make a patient comfortable in what is often an uncomfortable situation for many patients.

How to become an X-ray Tech

As a radiology tech you are a specialist therefore you must study for two years at any of the accredited x ray technician training programs. Upon your successful completion, you must demonstrate your knowledge by passing a statewide certification to secure your license. Requirements vary per state.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, during 2012 the average income for x-ray techs was close to $55,000. On the lower end of that number were individuals who earned approximately $37,000 and at the top, based on experience, some earned over $77,000. As you can see this is a lucrative field to be in for the right person.

The Best Candidates for this Position

The people who are most successful in this field are those individuals who have an attraction to helping people and who have an ability to follow directions to the T. Math skills are also important because the x-ray techs are required to calculate and mix the chemicals used in the imaging equipment. Your physical stamina is also essential because patients will rely on you at times to hold their body weight during the imagining exam. In addition, you are standing during most of your shift.

If you are looking for a solid career and feel that you have what it takes, becoming an x ray technician may be the field to pursue. You will become a part of a team that’s held in the highest esteem. More importantly, you can expect to receive the ultimate reward that’s only achieved by helping a person in their time of need.

Writen by Bradford Todd