How The Best Inversion Tables in 2014 Can Help You

Have you ever heard of inversion therapy? One look online, or in your local paper, and you should see an ad for it. Popularity and intrigue is growing for this method, simply because of the benefits it claims to provide. Most importantly, studies have shown that many of these claims are absolutely true. Let’s take a look at inversion therapy and what it can offer you and your health.

You may not realize it but your body is constantly being subjected to gravity. The Earth’s gravity is constantly pressing down on you, and your body can only take so much. Gravity is effecting your muscles, joints, blood, and much more. However, inversion therapy is a simply solution to help you use gravity to your advantage.

An inversion table is basically a table that allows a person to hang upside-down. This means that you’re able to use Earth’s gravity in order to reverse some of the effects you’ve experienced. A great example of this involves varicose veins. Those who suffer from varicose veins have excess blood (primarily in the legs) that isn’t able to travel throughout the body as it should. By using inversion therapy you can help improve the circulation throughout your body. Your veins will be able to relax and rebuild themselves during each session.

Gravity is also impacting the condition of your spine. The more you sit and walk around, and the more your body stays vertical, the more your spine is being compressed. The spaces between your vertebrae have moisture that’s used to help the spine function. However, while steadily being compressed this moisture becomes depleted. By using the best inversion tables in 2014 you can work to decompress the spine and rejuvenate it. An inversion table will help to stretch and refresh the spine, and this will have an effect on your posture and the way you feel.

As you can see, inversion therapy comes with a variety of benefits. This isn’t a gimmick. Inversion tables can offer you a chance to reverse the pressure and strain your joints and muscles constantly feel. By using one of these tables you can help avoid developing back problems well into the future.

Writen by Bradford Todd