How Does Your Local Dentist Perform a Root Canal?

If your dentist says you need a root canal, this is because your tooth has been compromised because of a cavity or infection. Root canals are often done as a means of being able to prevent tooth death and further damage. The procedure is fairly straightforward and can be done in your dentist’s office under a local anesthetic. If you are in need of a root canal, allow this information to help you understand what to expect.

The local dentist will first numb your tooth and the areas around it. This numbing process is important so you do not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. The first part of the procedure will involve the dentist opening the tooth. The opening is done through a special tool. The opening that is created will allow access to the inner portions of your tooth. This is where all of the work will be carried out.

The dentist will remove the inner pulp and the nerve. This is important so the tooth does not continue to break down. If these portions of the tooth are not removed, decay will continue to damage the tooth until it dies.

As a part of the cleaning process, special root canal files are used. These special files allow the dentist to clean out the roots of your tooth so they are free of debris, infection and decay. This ensures your tooth is completely cleaned out and ready to be filled.

A special filling material is placed down into the tooth and into the hollow roots. This makes your tooth stronger, so it is no longer in danger of being damaged. Once this filling material has been hardened and cured, the dentist will use a sealant material to cover the tooth and prevent any further damage from occurring.

If you are in need of a root canal, make sure you contact your dentist right away. Through the dentist, your tooth can be protected so you are not in danger of tooth death and loss. Contact your dentist today, and schedule an appointment right away, so your tooth can be protected.

Writen by Bradford Todd