Helpful Information on Purchasing Matcha Green Tea

If you long to be healthier, have more energy and lose excess pounds, you have most likely tried all types of products on the market. Unfortunately, many diet products do not deliver the results they promise. Many of these offer no better results than a placebo would. This is why it is imperative you choose natural products when you can. Natural products often have fewer side-effects and better health benefits. This is certainly true of green tea powder. If you are interested in trying this special tea, this information will assist you. This will allow you to know tips to buy matcha green tea, so you can choose the best.

When purchasing matcha green tea, there are three different grades you can look for. These three grades are the best grades you can purchase and do not contain woody stems and other additives that can cause bitterness and intefere with the benefits of the tea.

  • Kama Matcha — This grade of tea is the very best you can purchase. It is extra super premium grade and is considered perfect for the sacred Japanese tea ceremony. In fact, this is the only type of tea the Japanese will use when performing this ceremony, because it is considered the ultimate green tea choice.
  • Morning Matcha — This green tea powder is the second best grade you can purchase and is still considered acceptable for tea ceremonies. This grade is certified by the JSA (Japanese Agricultural Standards), so it is the perfect tea for those first beginning to drink green tea or use it in cooking.
  • Gotcha Matcha — This green tea powder is recommended for blended drinks, such as smoothies. It is also perfect for cooking sauces and baking. This is considered ingredient grade tea. While not the highest grade of tea, it still offers healthful benefits to your body.

If at all possible, make sure you purchase only organic matcha tea, so you can rest assured no other chemicals will interfere with the healthful benefits this tea offers. When you choose a bright green, soft tea, this means you are getting the very best this plant offers.

Writen by Bradford Todd