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The National Disaster that is Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has negative impacts on many families. In the society today many things would make one indulge into the abyss of drug addiction. Peer pressure is as a result of people of the same age set doing a particular activity that makes another person not to have an option but to try it also. There is a saying that goes show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future. Since one engages in drug abuse due to peer pressure then the saying goes a long way into telling people to choose friends wisely. Peer pressure accounts for the biggest share in drug indulgence in teens today.

Over indulgence leads to addiction which is overdependence to the drug in question thus making the person unable to work without using the drug. Symptoms that qualifies a person as a drug addict are such as shivering which comes down as soon as the individual takes the drug The state in which drug addicts stay in is so demeaning to the person hence if another person witness symptoms of drug addiction one should not falter but seek medical care immediately. The specialist is involved in taking care of the addict for a particular period. Under his wing the drug addict would stay drug free, and he/she will be administered with drugs that would enable him/her forget about the harmful drug.

If the addict is addicted so much then he/she warrants a more extended stay in rehab. The work of the addiction expert is to support the addict into his recovery. The first initiative that the individual has made to accept his place as an addict is enough to know that he wants to change. In the event that one sees the symptoms then a sure way is to take the individual to rehab. Addiction has really transformed lives pitting once good citizens into weak men and women. It should, therefore, be discouraged and awareness is created on its effects.

Depression is a rising motivator into drug addiction since people opt not to face the reality of their situation but indulge in drugs to run away from it. Depression as a drug addiction tool usually brings a person to his/her knees and since he/she has no shoulder to cry on he/she goes for drugs. In the event that a person goes into drug abuse then he/she is left alone consequently making him/her lonely. So many people have turned over a new leaf after long spells of drug addiction. In the event that one finds a good specialist then he/she is bound to make full recovery. The effects of drugs become a thing of the past due to support from ones social circle.

Once a person comes into terms with his/her situation then he accepts then helping him/her becomes easier.

Writen by Bradford Todd