Healing a Troubled Mind Through Art

There are many ways to express emotions, but not everyone is able to do it effectively with conversation. For teenagers who are dealing with mental issues, attempting to explain what they are feeling or why they are behaving in a certain way may be impossible. This inability to vent their frustrations or speak about their fears can lead to additional problems often resulting in behavioral issues and drug use.

Individual counseling and therapy sessions can be effective at helping these teens to understand why they feel the way they do. It will even make it possible for many to learn how to control themselves better or to beat addictions, but for some it will not be enough. These teenagers still struggle to express the underlying pain, fear or confusion that led them to this point.

Recent studies have shown that at-risk students who were given access to the arts, were more likely to graduate and did better overall with their studies. It revealed that all students were more likely to have higher aspirations for their careers and futures in general when they were given a strong arts background.

Whether it is painting, music or performing, the arts give participants the opportunity to express themselves in a manner that is comfortable for them. They can take a break from the world around them and immerse themselves into the creative experience. Art helps to make the participant more confidant and relaxed.

When a teen is able to receive counseling and directed therapy along with an education that has the arts included in the curriculum, the results are often amazing. They have a better chance of working through the roadblocks that have held them back in the past and are able to see a future with no limits.

On the Lava Heights Academy Facebook page you can see a glimpse of what this unique opportunity has to offer. This school offers a well-rounded experience for the students who attend. Experts in the arts as well as professional educators and mental health counselors all work together to provide teens with the skills they need to succeed. You can learn more by reading their page and contacting them for additional information.

Writen by Bradford Todd