Guaranteed Savings on Dental Costs

The rising prices of dental care is prohibitive to those without insurance, and insurance plan costs may even be prohibitive. Companies that offer group rates to employees try to make it easier, but there are still millions of people who cannot afford to maintain dental insurance coverage. Some insurance limits the amount of money that is paid out each year, so out-of-pocket expenses even with insurance can add up quickly. Basic care can be expensive and out of financial reach for families. Cleanings, for example, can cost over one-hundred dollars in some locations.

There is an alternative to dental insurance that guarantees participants will save money. A discount dental program is available for a low monthly cost. Since the plan is not insurance, there are no contracts to sign, no limit to savings, and one card can be used by the whole family. Discounts are applied to every dental procedure at specific percentages. Percentages range from twenty to fifty percent, depending on the procedure completed. A routine oral examination is discounted at forty-six percent, for example, so presentation of the card at the appointment automatically lowers the cost. There are several videos that explain many aspects of the plan so those interested can check out Reassurance Dental YouTube. Joining is easy and can be done right online. A card can be printed off while subscribers wait for their starter lit to arrive in the mail.

The savings is guaranteed on this plan. If the savings for one year adds up to less than the cost of the plan for the same time period, a check for difference is sent out directly to the participant. There are over one-hundred thousand dental providers nationwide, so it is easy to find a dentist with which the entire family feels comfortable. Another benefit to the plan is that it also includes vision and prescription discounts. Again, simply present the card when picking up prescriptions or visiting the eye doctor, and the discount will be applied to the cost of the bill. The hassle-free sign up process, the guaranteed savings, and the added benefits to the plan make keeping the family healthy more cost-effective.

Writen by Bradford Todd