Getting Down To Basics with Medications

What You Should Know About Generic Medications Generic medications are certainly much cheaper than the branded counterparts. The consumers, in general, can surely save billions of dollars every year if they opt for the generic medications rather than the branded ones. These drugs can be quite cheap in their pricing but they are the same with the branded ones if you talk about the chemical composition. Just the same with their innovative counterparts, they are the same with the generic medications. They also have the same strength, dosage as well as route of administration. You must know that the generic medications are the same with the branded version. They are effective when it comes to dealing with the symptoms which the patients present with. Because they work in the same manner, the patient will be able to expect the same quality but without having to spend a lot of money. The FDA can provide the assurance that generic medications have similar strength, stability and purity like those branded counterparts. It is just the company that developed the drug that is able to sell this while the patent of the drug is still in effect. The patent is actually created to protect the investments that are made by the company on drug development. This is the reason why no other pharmaceutical company can sell or produce the drug. However, the exclusivity period eventually expires. So many of the patents that are given to drug companies last for 20 years. If the patent doesn’t cover the drug anymore, the pharmaceutical company may apply to the FDA for right to sell such drug as a generic product. To ensure that end users can receive the same care that they get from the branded medications, the FDA approves the generic drugs which are able to meet the highest standards. This is how the generic versions have been available to the public.
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When the drug is not covered by the patent, the companies aside from the primary developer can then manufacture such drug and sell this as the generic version. The other companies that want to join in need not invest in developing the drug. Since they don’t have to spend on the important aspects, then the medicines are made available at a much cheaper price. This is the reason why the generic drugs are not that expensive like those branded ones. But, those companies producing the drugs for marketing to people must certainly fulfill the needed requirements offered by the FDA and they also prove that the drugs work like they should.
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However, you should know that not all of the branded drugs out there don’t have the generic counterpart. Those drugs that have generic counterparts can be safe to take in, even with those medicines that can just be bought from the pharmacy with the prescription from a doctor.

Writen by Bradford Todd