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Why Should I Have A Spinal Surgery? Spinal surgery comes in many forms and these spine surgeries are done to reduce pain. Microdiscectomy also known as lumbar laminectomy, decompressive laminectomy, lumbar fixation and lumbar fusion are only few of the kinds of spinal surgery offered by surgeons today. The aforementioned spinal surgery procedures are only few of the frequently and commonly performed surgery given to patients that are suffering from spinal injury and pain. Surgery Microdiscectomy/Lumbar Laminectomy
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People who have an abnormal protrusion of disc or a simple ruptured spinal disc are given microdiscectomy procedure in order to correct this abnormality. This is the most common spinal injury that patients are suffering from and this usually connected with spine surgeries. This particular spine surgery is done using special magnification and instruments by the surgeon in order to make a small incision which is usually less than an inch to an inch maximum. Quick recovery are experienced by patients that undergoes these types of spine surgery due to the fact that the incision is just a small one leaving little damage and stress to the muscle with a minimal amount of pain. General anesthesia is not being used by these types of surgeries anymore since epidural anesthesia is being given to patients who undergoes these kinds surgeries today. The ruptured disc which cushioned your spinal vertebrae is being removed by the doctor during this type of surgical procedure.
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Lumbar Fusion Surgery Lumbar Fusion surgeries are provided to patients that needs more stability in between their spinal vertebrae. In this particular type of spinal surgery a bone from the patient’s pelvis or back or in some cases an artificial bone supplement is used in the bone fusion procedure. The unstable spinal vertebrae is being infused with the harvested bone in order to give it more stability. Promoting new bone growth to the affected spinal vertebrae and stopping the motion on those unstable spinal vertebrae are the positive effects of this particular spine surgery. For the bone graft and the spinal vertebrae completely fuse together about braces provided to patients that have undergone these types of surgeries and they need to wear it over a three month period. After the surgery takes place patients needs to undergo several x-ray procedures for the next few weeks so that the doctor may secure that the fusion is where it needs to be and no internal fixation is needed. Fixation Procedures In cases where the corrected spinal vertebrae is destabilized spinal fixation procedure is given to patients. In order to stabilize the fused bones surgeons use screws and rods so as to make a more rigid spine. There is no need for removing the installed screws and rods by the time that the bone fusion have been made concrete.

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