Get Relief From Embarrassing Warts

There is nothing worse than having a wart on your hand when you have a date. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to get rid of a wart. People who go to the doctor are usually given medications that contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid slowly dissolves the wart and the hard skin surrounding it. Warts may go away on their own, but it takes a long time.

Warts are growths on the top of the skin that can show up anywhere on the body. A wart can be flat and smooth, or it can feel like a rough bump. Common warts and plantar warts have blood vessels on the inside that show up as a dark spot inside the wart. Plantar warts are found on the bottom of the foot. Warts are caused by the more than one hundred different types of human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV’s get into the blood stream through broken skin and then cause infections. Warts are not painful, but they are contagious. People can infect other areas of their body by using the same towel on the warts and other areas. Further, picking at warts can make them spread.

Up until now, people went to the doctor for painful warts. However, there is a new non-prescription medication that gets rid of warts. wartol is fact-acting, safe and approved by the FDA. Medical treatments can be painful and expensive. For example, many doctors freeze warts hoping the virus will die. Likewise, there is another procedure where a laser is used to extract the wart and surrounding tissue. However, warts often return in the same spot in less than three months.

Try Wartrol, and avoid the expensive procedures. Apply Wartrol directly to common and plantar warts using an applicator brush. The medication needs to penetrate the tough skin surrounding the wart. Wartrol should start working within twenty minutes. Reapply the medicine daily until the wart goes away. Wartrol is safe and has no known side effects. Wartrol is not sold in stores but can be purchased online at the manufacturer’s website. Go shopping today, and get relief for those embarrassing warts.

Writen by Bradford Todd