Fraxel Laser Rejuvenation

Dr. Lorrie Klein solutions some common queries about Fraxel Laser Remedies.

1. What’s Fraxel Laser Facial Treatment (FLT) and just what will it do? The Fraxel laser facial treatment is really a revolutionary method to reverse signs of aging. It’s the most effective and efficient no-lower-time anti-aging laser ever developed. This non-surgical treatment smoothes facial lines and removes scars liver spots, and encourages producing softer, more healthy searching skin with minimal to no down-time. Complexion, color and elasticity also improve. Any part of the body may be treatable: face, chest, neck, hands and arms, even legs! On top of that, results is visible immediately!

2. How’s it diverse from other anti-aging remedies and just how do you use it? Fraxel is unlike every other reviving skin treatment. Unlike old ablative lasers that take away the top layer of skin, the FLT procedure produces small microscopic wounds separated by regions of untouched, healthy tissue. The able to escape healthy tissue between treatment zones consists of living cells that promote rapid healing from the outer skin layers. Simultaneously, energy permeates deep in to the skin to redesign bovine collagen. Thus, FLT results approach the enhancements acquired with CO2 laser ablation but with no connected unwanted effects or down time.

3. What’s the distinction between ablative and non-ablative remedies? Ablative techniques, for example CO2 laser ablation and deep skins regenerate skin with dramatic results, but they are connected with significant unwanted effects, risks and prolonged healing and recovery occasions. Non-ablative techniques for example CoolTouch laser, carry less risks but require numerous remedies over several several weeks, with results showing up gradually with time. FLT combines the advantages of an ablative procedure using the low risks and minimal to no down-time of the non-ablative treatment.

4. How lengthy will a treatment take and just what am i going to seem like later on? When am i going to see results? Remedies last 20-80 minutes. Unwanted effects are minimal and frequently involve mild-to-moderate swelling and redness which often subsides within a few days. Skin might also have the symptoms of a tanned appearance for a few days. Routine activities could be started again soon after treatment. Many patients go back to work the following day. Make-up could be worn the following day if preferred. Results might be seen as soon as 1 week, although additional improvement through bovine collagen remodeling continues for many several weeks. Older types of the Fraxel laser need a blue dye for use which discolored the face area for 1-a couple of days. The more recent, upgraded models no more require blue dye. Make certain to request in case your physician is applying the more recent upgrade.

5. The number of remedies are essential and just how frequently can one be treated? Even though some results might be seen after just 1 treatment, a minimum of 3 remedies are often required for optimal results. Four or five remedies might be required for patients with significant sun-damage. Remedies are often carried out 4 days apart. This can help achieve results considerably faster compared to non-ablative remedies.

Writen by Shannon