Finding Wonderwink Scrubs for a Variety of Medical Facility Dress Codes

One fun aspect of starting to work in health care for the first time can be choosing scrubs from a manufacturer such as wonderwink. Numerous colors, prints and styles can be purchased online. Before starting to shop, however, it’s essential for the new employee to learn the dress code at the facility. The information should have been provided during the hiring process, or else it will be available in the employee manual. Sometimes, for instance, medical facilities require personnel in different departments or holding different jobs to wear certain colors.


These color codes help patients, visitors and even other staff members identify workers in the facility. That’s especially helpful in a large medical center or hospital where it can be unclear to everyone whether an employee is a doctor, nurse or medical assistant. Hospital patients in particular appreciate knowing which type of employee is walking into their room at any given moment.


An example of a hospital dress code requires registered nurses to wear dark blue, practical nurses to wear light blue and nursing assistants to wear yellow. Surgeons and doctors employed directly by the hospital might wear blue, aqua or green, whereas visiting doctors might wear a suit or other business attire. Pink for anyone working in pediatrics or specifically with babies also is common, although that may seem odd considering pink traditionally represents girls only.


Health care centers that have a less restrictive dress code make apparel shopping more fun for their employees. A hospital might allow doctors to wear any type of clothing within reason, but require them to wear white coats to make them easily identifiable. In surgery, doctors will want to wear scrubs because that apparel is very comfortable and easy to move around in.

The color coding can still be accomplished when allowing staff members to wear patterns and prints. Everyone can still easily identify a registered nurse when he or she has a print scrub top that is mainly dark blue and solid dark blue pants, for instance. Employees can get creative with this and enjoy having their own personal style at work even while adhering to code.

Writen by Bradford Todd