Finding the Right Dentist in Bellevue Washington

People should see their dentist bellevue wa at least every six months. Their busy schedules sometimes make it hard to fit in these appointments. The more convenient the location of the dentist office, the more likely they will be to fit this into their day. They will have to decide if they want their dentist to be located near their place of business or near their home. It is very easy to replace lunch with a teeth cleaning. However, if an emergency strikes on the weekend, they might have to travel quite a distance in pain.

It’s also good to have a dentist that believes in continuing education. They should look for a bellevue dentist that is certified in the latest techniques. These include Invisalign teeth straightening and CEREC one-visit crowns. Dental offices should also use the latest dental equipment. Digital x-rays use only one-third of the radiation of older machines. When patients see these kinds of investments, they know that they will get the most advanced dental care possible.

Dental implants are one of the advanced dental treatments and have really changed people’s lives. Losing a tooth used to mean having a cumbersome bridge, if he patient wanted to fill in the hole. Not only did the patient lose a tooth, but two additional teeth had to be ground down to hold a porcelain crown. Bridges have to be carefully flossed and cleaned as well. Today’s dental implants mimic real teeth and only involve the missing tooth.

A dental implant is a titanium shaft that is inserted into the jaw. Titanium is the same material that doctors use for artificial hips and knees. The body accepts it and there is little chance of rejection. It takes about eight weeks for the jaw to fully integrate the tooth. Once that occurs the dental implant is as strong as the tooth. The dental bridge did not stabilize the patient’s jaw and it continued to lose bone mass. Because the jaw has a new item to support, it maintains it’s mass and strength.

People looking for a state-of-the-art dentist can contact the office listed below.

Pineview Aesthetic & Family Dentistry
14730 NE 8th St #105
Bellevue, WA 98007

Writen by Bradford Todd