Easily Get Rid of Plantar Warts at Home

One of the most common warts that people get is called a plantar wart. These warts appear on the bottom of the feet. These are not dangerous, but they can be spread to other parts of your body or over a larger area of the foot. While these warts are usually rather flat in appearance, due to being walked on, they can be uncomfortable when having to wear shoes.

These warts, like others are a type of the HPV virus, and are picked up by people when a scratch or other small wound allows the virus to enter the body. These plantar warts are often picked up by people in gym showers or changing rooms. If you have several on the bottom of one of your feet, they can be uncomfortable when wearing shoes. For this reason, or to prevent them from spreading when touched, you may want to have them removed.

You can see a doctor to have them try one of several methods to remove any plantar warts you may have. However, not all methods work, or the wart may return after treatment that is only partially effective. Many people find treating their plantar warts at home is just as effective as having it done by a doctor, and sometimes more so. By using an at-home removal method, you can easily do a second round of the treatment if needed to make sure the wart or warts are completely gone.

The question then is, how to get rid of a plantar wart? One of the best and most effective products on the market for the removal of plantar warts is called Wartrol. This product uses one of the most common ingredients for wart removal, salicylic acid. The difference is, this product has a higher percentage of this vital ingredient than most competitors’ products. This allows for the Wartal to begin working with a few seconds of treatment. It also has several natural oils included in the liquid. This is to help soften the layers of skin on the wart as the salicylic acid does its job. These oils will also help keep the skin soft while the last of the wart is removed, leaving little to no scarring.

Writen by Bradford Todd