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Everything You Need to Know About Selling Test Strips for Cash The comparatively brief shelf life of Test strips frequently means having to handle an increasing set of cartons, which are of no use and should be gotten rid of somehow. Often this means throwing perfectly great boxes of diabetic test strips in the trash. As anybody who purchases them knows that test strips are costly. You can find many organizations that provide their supplies that are crucial to them, and it is possible to participate in their endeavors by offering your help. If you’ve got extra unopened, unexpired check strips containers, you can sell them for cash instead of chucking them in the trash. If you are thinking, why should you sell off your test strips for money? Well, the majority of diabetics are shrewd to keep extra boxes available in case they run low, and eventually, in time, they might find that they have a few more than they want. If you receive cartons on a regular basis, you might find that extras are beginning to add up. Perhaps you are not testing as frequently as you used to. You may have shifted test strip manufacturers, and still have a supply of the old ones sitting around that do not fit your meter. If you had been examining yourself throughout pregnancy, and no longer have any demand to do this, it is possible you nonetheless have some boxes left over, which it is possible to sell.
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You might also be thinking, is selling test strips legal? Yes, it is lawful, so long as you are the proprietor. Test strips can be bought by anyone, even without prescription from a doctor, so if you purchased the strips yourself, you happen to be free to put them up for sale. Even if your boxes are marked “mail-order only” or “not for resale” you can still sell them – this simply means they cannot be sold through a retail merchant.
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Obviously, there are some points to remember. For instance, maybe not all brands are likely to be in demand. Medicare has cartons that have been provided by Medicare cannot be re-sold, and no one will purchase boxes, which might be expired, ruined or have broken seals. To whom should you sell the strips to? Well, most dealers who buy diabetic check strips are in operation to earn money, but the result is the same: someone who wants these materials and cannot manage them is going to get them, possibly for free or at a discount. Dealers will frequently take brands they give a percent of their net income to diabetes associated charities, or would not ordinarily purchase and then contribute them to shelters. Frequently, dealers engage in this business because they are diabetic or have a family member who is diabetic, which offers them a personal stake in supporting the others who are coping with the task of diabetes. But it is not always about making a few of additional dollars – it sometimes about the relationship you create with somebody you feel is genuine, reliable and trustworthy.

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