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Tips to Help You Get Over Sleep Apnea Many people are affected with sleep apnea and they are not aware of it. Whether you are aware of it or not, what you should know is that you can easily suffer from diabetes or stroke because of sleep apnea. Being conversant with how to get over it can save your life. Here are ways that can perfectly help you overcome it. Shed off some weight Many individuals who suffer from apnea are overweight and it is no coincidence that those who reduce on their weight stop experiencing apnea episodes. There are some extra tissues at back of the throat of people who are overweight. This excess tissue can sink on the lower side of the throat and stop the flow of air into a person’s lungs while they sleep. By shedding off some weight, your throat opens up and this improves the sleep apnea condition.
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Lying on your back encourages your throat muscles to close up and this makes your tongue to fall backwards of your throat. The force of gravity also pulls the tongue and soft tissues downwards and this interferes with the flow of air. By just shifting to your side, you can greatly lower this discomfort and the likelihood of apnea episodes. Your neck can also rest in an angle that is more natural by reducing the number of pillows that you use. You will make it possible for your head to rest is a more neutral position. There are people who experience apnea episodes when they only sleep on their back. Quit smoking It is believed that smoking contributes to sleep apnea by increasing inflammation and retention of fluid in your upper airway and throat. Cut down on alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills Make a point of not using them particularly just when you are about to sleep because they help in muscle relaxation in your throat and when this happens, you start having difficulties when breathing. Do a lot of training Besides helping you in losing weight, which is also very important, starting and maintaining a training program can greatly affect the quality of your sleep and the duration that you sleep. Sleep apnea symptoms can greatly be reduced by aerobic and resistance training. Yoga can also improve the muscle strength in your airway which will help with making the breathing while you sleep so much better. Sleep adequately You will be able to relax and sleep better by maintaining a steady schedule for sleeping. You will be able to decrease the apnea episodes by having plenty of sleep. It is very important that you avoid poor sleeping habits since it can affect you just the way drinking alcohol affects you.

Writen by Bradford Todd