Dealing Once and for All with Herpes

Any time a doctor tells a patient that he or she has contracted an incurable disease, many images begin to run through the mind. Maybe, the doctor is about to tell him or her that HIV or AIDS has set in? Perhaps, he or she is about to find out about a terminal cancer? Believe it or not, the patients are quite relieved to find out the disease is herpes. It’s not that herpes is any less serious; but when put into perspective against AIDS or cancer, the sufferer considers that at least it is not a death sentence. It is kind of like the defendant finding out he or she has life instead of a death sentence.

There is good news. Contrary to what major medical centers and doctors would have patients think, herpes is neither a death sentence nor does it have to be a life sentence. There are products on the market that promise to not only treat herpes and its symptoms, but promise to help prevent herpes, in the first place. As it is well known, a lot of products promise to do spectacular things that somehow never quite pan out.

A product called the “ultimate herpes protocol by melanie addington” is an eBook that provides information to help people cure Herpes, shingles and related issues. It also teaches readers how to be proactive and prevent getting herpes. As remarkable as this sounds, reviews have been done on the claims in this eBook and have returned rave reviews. The book deals with the eight manners of herpes viruses, including the popular strain contracted through sexual contact. The information is written in a style that the lay person can understand.

In four easy steps, the reader learns the importance of strengthening the immune system, dissolving the protective protein coat of the hsv virus, blocking the virus from being replicated in the body and learning about various foods, minerals and vitamins that will fortify the immune system against the herpes virus and other diseases. The only drawback in the eBook is that it is loaded with intense graphic pictures that might shock the unprepared reader. More information about this eBook can be found at the website,

Writen by Bradford Todd