Consumers Discover a New, Natural Alternative to Antibiotics and Cleansers

For those who pay close attention to the world of natural and alternative treatments, the past few years might be described as the era of tea tree oil. Emerging from relative anonymity as far as most Western consumers were concerned, the oil has quickly become one of the hottest topics of conversation in such circles. Unlike most other natural remedies and supplements, the oil is said to have a strikingly wide variety of effective uses, this versatility being a big part of what makes it so interesting to so many.

To begin with, the oil is a potent natural antibiotic, albeit one that is much less harsh than many more widely known alternatives. Because of this, it is currently used to treat a wide variety of ailments, especially those where the side effects of other antibiotics could be especially undesirable. For example, many users report success in deploying the oil to fight acne, boils, and yeast infections and without any of the discomfort or fallout that analogous treatments could be expected to produce.

While this antibiotic action is an important reason for the oil’s recent success and popularity, it is far from the only one. In fact, the oil can be put to use as an especially effective personal cleanser, once again delivering results that are generally free of the problematic harshness that can be expected from conventional alternatives. Those with problems with skin dryness, for example, have reported that using the oil to cleanse their faces and other especially sensitive areas has resulted in much healthier, more resilient skin.

Beyond just being used as a personal cleaning agent, the oil can actually be applied to household cleaning, as well. Convinced of the oil’s basic healthfulness and gentleness, many users find it to be an especially attractive alternative to often-harsh household cleansers. In addition to not leaving the kinds of chemical residues and buildups that those commercial products sometimes can, the oil is entirely safe to use around small children and pets, something that cannot be said of most other cleansers. If the oil is strikingly versatile, then, it is also consistent in providing such gentle, safe results for whatever it is used for.

Writen by Bradford Todd