Cleanse and Revitalize With Matcha

There’s very few wonder elixirs on this planet, but one of them is most definitely green tea, specifically Matcha. This tea an amazing contributor to anyone who has a busy lifestyle and needs a pick me up that will not only give them energy, but provide essential nutrients and crank up the ignition to their metabolism.

Matcha green tea powder is a high quality Japanese stone ground green tea. It is traditionally presented in ceremony of the preparing, service, and ingesting of the tea as a drink. The reason why this type of tea is made differently than normal tea is the fact that the drinker is ingesting the tea leaves, not just the brewed tea water. This means that the drink is much more potent in taste, nutrition, and caffeine. Interestingly, there are other uses to drinking Matcha. Chefs from all over the globe use Matcha to naturally dye food with it so it can create a beautiful bright green color, and also use this powder in their gourmet desserts.

Nutritionally, this tea powder is a true to life powerhouse! It is high in antioxidants, about twenty times more cancer fighting properties than that of a pomegranate. It also has chlorophyll as well as fiber to aid in digestion. It is also caffeinated which will help start up the metabolism and overall energy. Green Tea Matcha Powder is very high in Vitamin C, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc, and Magnesium. It is filled with amino acids and minerals that can get depleted during the busy work day.This tea powder does not raise cholesterol, blood sugar, or insulin, which makes it a good option for those with diabetes and other related disorders.

This “gun powder” is also a great cleanser for the body. It detoxifies in ways that other teas can not, such as the elimination of chemicals in the body. Not only that, it also extracts metals that happen to be in the body as well. It is said that those who drink and use Matcha green tea powder on a daily basis enjoy a certain vitality and youthfulness to their life. If all it takes is to scoop some beautiful emerald ground tea leaves into a piping hot cup of water, it seems worth a try.

Writen by Bradford Todd