Braces for Your Teenager at an Orthodontist in Melbourne FL

By the time they are teenagers, most children will be referred to an orthodontic clinic for an evaluation. The majority of people are not born with perfectly straight teeth, so braces are often used to correct their smiles. An orthodontist melbourne fl can examine your child’s mouth to figure out a treatment course. There are many reasons why it is best to have the treatments done at this time during your child’s life.

Most teenagers have already lost all of their baby teeth. Permanent teeth should be completely or almost completely erupted in their mouth. This is the ideal time to consider braces to correct tooth alignment or bite issues. Since the teeth have not completely fused to the jaw bone, they are easier to shift into place. Once the jaw stops growing, teeth become more stubborn about moving. Even though braces are still very popular for adult cases, treatments are usually quicker and more effective in younger mouths. It is also more socially acceptable for teens to sport braces. Adults who end up with braces usually wish they had the treatment while they were still in school.

An Orthodontist Melbourne FL will be responsible for scheduling the treatment course. It may take several months to a few years for all of the teeth to move into place. Brackets will be placed on the teeth, and small wires will move them into place. Every couple of weeks, your teen will need to visit the clinic to have their wires tightened. An expander may be used if the palette of the mouth is too small to accommodate the adult teeth. In some situations, permanent teeth may need to be pulled to allow enough space for a perfect smile.

Once the treatment is complete, your child will have a beautiful, picture-perfect smile. In order to maintain the results, a retainer must be worn at night to keep the teeth from moving. Some patients may be given the choice to have permanent retainer cemented on the backside of their lower teeth. As long as the retainer is always worn and proper dental hygiene is practiced, the new smile should last a lifetime.

Writen by Bradford Todd