Basic Massages You Can Get From Your Denver Massage Therapist

One of the best ways to relax is by getting a massage. However, there are lots of different massages techniques you can choose from. Here is a guide to three of the most popular types of massages. Use it to help you pick the right massage for yourself.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of massage. It was developed by Swedish physiologist Henri Peter Ling back in the early 1800’s. It is a full body massage that involves general and systemic manipulation of your soft body tissues, including your muscles, ligaments and tendons. This manipulation results in a state of deep relaxation.

Your massage therapist will use five techniques during a Swedish massage: tapping, vibration, compressing/friction, kneading of individual muscles on your body, and long gliding strokes. These techniques will improve your blood and lymphatic circulation. They will also ease any tension and aches you feel in your muscles as your body release toxins. You will feel more relaxed and you may also notice increased flexibility throughout your body.

Hot Stone Massage

For a hot stone massage, smooth river rocks are heated up with boiling water. After the rocks are hot, they are used as a tool by your massage therapist. Your muscles are melted by the heat from the rocks. This allows your therapist to work deep into your muscles. The heat also increases your circulation. Additionally, the heat from the rocks helps your body release toxins more than any other types of massage. Finally, the warm feeling of the stones allows you to really relax and enjoy your massage.

Sports Massage

If you are an athlete, you may enjoy a sports massage. It is designed to help reduce your chances of injury as well as improve your range of motion and flexibility. Regular massages for athletes have been shown to shorten recovery time in between workouts and increase blood flow throughout your body.

A Swedish massage is great if you just want to relax. A hot stone massage is great if you need some deep muscle work, as the stones relax and melt your muscles. A sports massage is great if you are an athlete; it can help prevent injury and shorten your recovery times. Talk to your massage therapist denver about what type of massage would work best for your.

Writen by Bradford Todd