Are You Reading Your Blood Pressure Wrong

A person’s health is very important, especially for those suffering from high blood pressure. As you may know, high blood pressure can lead to several types of heart conditions. Keeping your blood pressure to a normal level can be challenging at times. There are several things you can do to help lower your blood pressure. These methods can include adjusting your diet, exercising correctly and managing your stress. Other things you can do would be to reduce your sodium and cholesterol intake and to get a precise blood pressure monitor.

Knowing your blood pressure level is the first step in keeping high blood pressure under control. You do this with an accurate blood pressure monitor. These monitors are very accurate, but you need to use them correctly. Before you can get an accurate reading, you must do a few things first. The first thing you do before taking a reading would be to sit quietly for three to five minutes. This gives your body a chance to be at rest. Talking and movements will temporarily increase your blood pressure slightly. This will give you inaccurate results.

The second thing you need to do to get the most accurate reading would be to adjust the arm cuff correctly to your arm. When these cuffs are too loose or tight, your readings will not be correct. During your reading, your arms need to rest and your heart level. Also, have your feet flat on the ground as this may also affect your blood flow. You should also be sitting on a chair with a back, not a stool or bed. Caffeine, tobacco and alcohol will also affect your blood pressure. These items should be avoided at least thirty minutes before you take your reading. Another thing that can alter your blood pressure readings is having a full bladder. Before having your blood pressure checked, use the restroom and empty out your bladder.

There are a few great blood pressure monitors available on the market. Some of these blood pressure cuffs are the traditional types that you see in the hospitals. These types of monitors while very accurate, can be difficult to read. This is why digital monitoring equipment is used more often in one’s home. The Omron BP652 7 series are one of the most popular portable monitors on the market today.

Writen by Bradford Todd