Achieve The Perfect Running Form

With summer in full swing, many people are starting new exercise routines. If you are just starting to run again, now is the time to check your form and make sure you are running properly. First, you want to focus on how you tilt your head and hold your shoulders. Next, examine how you move your arms. Then, pay attention to the position of your torso and hips. Finally, focus on your legs and feet to improve your stride and step.

Head Position

Your head tilt is the key to your running form. Make sure you are looking straight ahead of yourself, not down at your feet. Looking at the horizon will keep your neck and back straight and aligned.


Keep your upper body relaxed when you run by keeping your shoulders low and loose. Your shoulders should remain level and not go up and down with each stride. Do not let your shoulders get higher and tighter as you run. Shake them out and let them relax.


Your arms work together with your stride to move your body forward. Your hands should form a loose fist. Clenching your hands will cause your upper body to tense up. Make sure your arms are swinging back and forth at a 90-degree angle. Do not swing your arms across your body; you will lose energy and momentum.


If you keep your head up straight and your shoulders relaxed, your torso should be in the correct position. When you torso is straight, you are able to breath deeply and take long strides.


If you follow the above tips, your hips will be in the right position pointing you straight. It is important that you keep your torso and back straight in order to keep your hips pointing forward. Your hips control your center of gravity.

Legs and Feet

The key to long distance running is a short stride, quick leg turnover and a slight knee lift. Your feet should land directly underneath your body, and your knees should be slightly flexed. Your foot should hit the ground between your heel and midfoot and quickly roll forward. You should feel your calf muscles pushing your body forward.

Proper running form starts with your head and includes your whole body. Remember to run straight, keep you arms relaxed, and take quick, short strides. Visit this website to access more running tips for women.

Writen by Bradford Todd