A Stair Lift Cost is Surprisingly Low

Stair lifts are great for those who want to remain independent and in their own homes after an injury, while aging or with a disability that makes stairs dangerous or impossible to navigate. Lifts are quiet with no jerking starts or stops so they are comfortable and secure for the user. They are also mush less money to purchase than most people would assume. In fact, a stair lift cost is less than renovating the downstairs, moving to a one story home or hiring a home health care worker. You can get an in-home, no cost consultation where a representative can evaluate the space and the needs of the user to give you a written estimate. That person can review options, discuss specifics and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Basic components of any lift are the seating, the rail and the motor. A straight rail is less complicated than a curved rail, but both can be accommodated. The motor can run on two or three 12 volt batteries, depending on if the lift is indoors or outdoors, and plug into any household outlet. The seating comes in all sizes and models and can be removed when not in use if you want that option. Other options include arms that fold up when the lift is not in use, a swivel base and a sensor that can detect obstacles on the stairway for added safety. You can operate your lift via lever, toggle switch or even remote control. Options certainly impact the overall cost, but those can be discussed with you in detail so you can decide which ones you really need.

Keep in mind that there are companies out there that will rent you a stair lift or arrange for a used one to be installed. It is also important to realize that lifts need little to no maintenance once they are installed. There are no belts that operate the lift and they are usually bolted to the staircase, so there is no chance of it coming loose from the wall and needed to be refitted. Whatever the final cost, it is well worth the safety of your family member.

Writen by Bradford Todd