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Low Testosterone a Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

Manhood is determined on how a man’s testosterone level works for himself. In order for men to become a real man, he needs testosterone. The development of a man is measured according to the level of its testosterone. The testosterone doesn’t even limit on its effect on the benefits for a man’s libido and sex but more than that. These chemicals are referred to as androgens, the most important male hormone, and these are made from the man’s gonads.

These testosterone and androgens made the steroids. As a man gets old, the level of his androgen decreases substantially. Though testosterone differs from man to man, as they step the age 21, the level of their testosterone start to drop. The change is too slow that it can reach up to 50 years before it expires. The change of the testosterone level will have a big impact on a man’s sexual practices, in most cases referred to as erectile dysfunction, but worse is that it affects his entire well being.

It has been discovered in research sources that men ages from 50 to 59 years old suffer Androgen Decline in the Aging Male or ADAM. The number of men increases to 34% when they age between 60 to 69 years while it becomes 68% when they turn 70 to 79 years of age. Studies revealed that testosterone levels are highest during his early in the morning but low during the night.

The loss of erection such as low libido and erectile dysfunction often relates to low testosterone. Factors such as smoking, blood pressure, and stress all affect the erectile dysfunction of a man. Erectile dysfunction drugs and testosterone therapy are two good ways to enhance your level of testosterone.

The male starts producing testosterone even before they are born and is in their highest level as they reach the adolescence stage from 16 to 22 years of age. Some common signs of adolescence is when men start to change their body such as the physique, facial hair, pubic hair and lastly their view attraction towards woman. When the hypothalamus creates the sex hormone or called as gonadotrpin, this hormone will reach the pituitary gland to create a new hormone which is called the eternizing hormone. Once it reaches the highest peak, it will then stimulate the testicle to produce testosterone.

The increase in testosterone and libido will allow you to avoid any erectile dysfunction. Men at their early stage don’t experience any problem on erection. ED drugs might help a man when he suffers erectile dysfunction but it is still a best decision if you go directly to a medical expert.

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Writen by Bradford Todd