A Balance Bike Helps Kids to Get Moving

If you’ve ever watched a child learn how to ride a bike, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to spend a lot of their time either falling over or trying not to fall over. This is why training wheels were developed and are often used to give younger children a little extra help in keeping their bikes upright. This is actually not a great solution, though, because it doesn’t do a good job of simplifying the problem that the child is experiencing. A balance bike can be a lot more fun, as well as a better way of building confidence.

The basic idea is that they don’t have pedals. This is great for parents, because it means that you’re buying something that has very few parts that can break. There’s no chain popping off of sprockets, for example. Instead, the child propels himself forward by using his own feet. To make this work well, the bike is built to be a little lower to the ground, including the seat. The big advantage for kids is that they can push themselves forward in a way that they already understand, and build confidence and balance skills before having to face the added complication of pedaling while balancing. That’s also a big safety improvement, because a child can easily put his own feet down to catch his balance or bring himself to a stop.

There are a lot of options on the market if you decide to go shopping for one. You can find them listed as FirstBike, GlideBikes, TykesBykes, or KinderBike. They all share the same core design, just as all bikes for older children are built on roughly the same model. The different brands each put their own spin on it, though. They can use different colors, slightly different shapes and seats, and add small details that may make a particular model more attractive to a child than another.

A balance bike is the best way to get a young child started on riding a bicycle. Kids as young as three are sometimes able to handle them, and almost all children have the appropriate motor skills by the age of six. They’re safer than a typical bicycle for small children, and give them the chance to experience learning something new without needing someone hovering over them as much.

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Writen by Bradford Todd