3 Things to Consider Before Getting Permanent Makeup

If you are looking into permanent makeup, there are a few things that you need to think about before you go under the needle. It can really make getting ready easier and faster, but permanent makeup is not for everyone. Here are just three of the important points that you need to think about.

It is a Procedure

Permanent makeup is also referred to as “micropigmentation”, and it is a small minor procedure, but a procedure nonetheless. Make sure that you can heal from a minor wound, and that you are prepared for a minor procedure. It includes a sterile environment and a sterile needle, but if you aren’t up for a small medical procedure or you feel uncomfortable, opt out.

What Kinds of Makeup Do You Want

They can tattoo on permanent eyeliner, lip liner, new eyebrows, and even camouflage scars. They can even imitate hair or make your lashes appear longer. Some can even do blush or eye shadow, so make sure to look into what kind of makeup you want, and if this place can do it. Some of these looks require new techniques and personnel that is especially trained, so do some research about what you are looking for, and how qualified the personnel need to be so you are confident in all senses.

How Much Do You Want To Pay

These procedure are not cheap, and usually range between 200-800 dollars. Sometimes, they can even be up to 250 dollars an hour depending on the procedure. They are like real tattoos in the price range aspect. If you don’t want to pay that much, look into a waterproof liner or applications. Especially because this makeup will fade and you will need to get it reapplied usually within 3 to 5 years.

Permanent makeup is not for everyone, but it has many benefits and is safe. It can help you to cut down your time in the morning, and it is great for those who cannot apply makeup due to disabilities such as a recent stroke or multiple sclerosis. However, take into account the price and severity of the procedure before you decide on it.

Writen by Bradford Todd