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How to Choose a Portable Vaporizer Portable vaporizes are manufactured in various types, sizes, and levels of functionality. If you’re planning to buy one of these devices, it’s best to understand their differences first so you end up with the right product. Conduction vs. Convection Conduction vaporizers transfer heat from one object to another. In conduction vaping, the herbs will be directly in contact with the sides of the chamber. The problem with this is that only herbs on the outer side may be heated, while those inside may remain green. That’s why stirring is usually needed to vaporize all the herbs. In convection vaping, on the other hand, it’s hot air particles passing through the chamber that heats the herbs. In short, the herbs are heated only by hot air as you inhale, and not directly by the heat source.
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Internal vs. External Rechargeable Batteries
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This part will mainly depend on your particular situation. If you use internal batteries, you obviously don’t have to think of how long you can vape before you need to charge again. At the same time, internal battery vapes can now be charged in many different ways, including using battery packs and car adapters. What You Vape Of course, what you vape does have an impact on the type of portable vaporizer you should get. Herbs For herbs, you want a heating chamber that’s made of pure ceramic … Read More