Best PPOB in Indonesia

About PPOB in Indonesia

PPOB is stands for Payment Point Online Bank. PPOB began in 2009 after the system SOPP not enforced by the agency especially PLN (State Electricity Company). This PPOB system in cooperation with the many Bank in Indonesia as Bukopin, BCA, BNI, Mandiri, BRI and other banks. PPOB open opportunity for people to grow the business and cooperate with the Collecting Agent PPOB or Switcher.

One famous PPOB in my opinion is PPOB Bukopin. Why PPOB Bukopin is better than others? I will review some of the advantages PPOB Bukopin with PPOB on another bank, I am practitioner who has been struggling in the PPOB Online Payments since 2005.

Benefit of PPOB Bukopin

  1. Web Based Applications : With the web based applications, counter no longer need to install the application on his PC, just need to log in or entering the Web transaction that has been provided.
  2. No need to update : Because web-based update is only done by the Switcher and Bank Bukopin side (server side), customers / counters do not need to update on his side.
  3. There are 3 options transactions: Could on Computers, Gadgets and Mobile Printer, and the last technology is using only SMS

Perhaps only 3 that only benefit of PPOB Bukopin, but no less important is the Collecting Agent behind the PPOB. A Collecting Agent (CA) must have a robust system to handle PPOB Bukopin system. Well of some CA Bukopin I know tough is IMPERIUMPAY.NET, I will explain why IMPERIUMPAY.NET … Read More