Definition of Aging

Anti Aging Treatment

Before you decide to use service of Anti Aging Treatment , please read this article. The aging process is a natural process that will be experienced by every human being. The aging process usually occurs at the age of 25 years, in which the body functions begin to decrease. While aging is the aging process of the body that are not naturally occurring faster than they should. Many people are starting to see the symptoms of premature aging at a relatively young age, even at the early age of 20. It is usually caused by a variety of factors, both internal and external. The causal factors accelerate the aging process of the body that should happen naturally.


What is it Salsa?

Salsa is a dance in pairs associated with salsa music. The word salsa comes from the Spanish word meaning sauce, or in this case is the taste or style.

According to Salsa Dancing Long Island, salsa name has been accepted among dancers for decades. The first time the word salsa radio broadcast in is through a song made by Ignacio Piñeiro, aimed at someone old African man who sold butifarras (a type of sausage) on Central Road in Matanzas. The son rhythmic song titled Échale Salsita. In the chorus and couplet mentioned song “Salsaaa! échale Salsita, échale Salsita. “In the early 1950s, a commentator and DJ” bigote “Escalona announced dance salsa with the title” the following rhythm contains Salsa “. Finally the Spanish-speaking population in the city of New York dub Celia Cruz as the “Queen of Salsa”.

Salsa is danced to the rhythm of eight beats, yakti with two bars of four beats. Salsa dance patterns typically use three steps on each of the four beats, the beats missed. However, a knock which passed generally characterized by leg jerks, kicks, scolding, and so on. Salsa music usually involves complicated percussion rhythms and fast, about 180 beats per minute.

Salsa is a dance in place, so unlike Foxtrot or Samba, Salsa dancing partner who is not a lot of moving around the dance floor, but dancing in a certain area.

Salsa “is derived from the Spanish word literally means sauce (english:” Sauce “), which specifically is actually a kind … Read More