Router Login : IP Address Admin Password

If you are reading this text, chances are that is the default IP for your wireless router. If you are not sure, you can easily check what’s your router IP by following this guide.

What is

When we talk about this IP there are a few things worth mentioning.

It’s a private IP address

This means it is not publicly routable on the Internet and it is reserved for internal use behind a router or other NAT device.

It’s a Class C IP address

The Class C in the private IP range includes all the Ips from to

It’s an Ipv4 address

Ipv4 stands for “Internet Protocol Version 4”. It is the fourth and the most popular version of the Internet Protocols.

It acts as a Default gateway default gateway

It means that it is used to allow the devices in your network to communicate with the devices in a different network.

It is a Default IP address

Being a default IP means that you can use it to access your router admin page and configure the router. Most commonly we use this IP to secure our wireless home network and perform some other tasks like port forwarding or blocking, setting up parental controls and so on.

What we actually have to know is that router login is also a default router IP address for routers produced by 2Wire, Netopia or some of the router brands we are going to mention later.

Why should you login to your router?

Having a secure home network is essential nowadays and to begin with this you have to login to your router first.

Once you have done it successfully, it is recommended to change the router default login details.

Additionally, it is recommended to make some changes at least in the following areas:

Change the default router password

Change the default network name (SSID)

Select WEP2 encryption and set up a strong Wi-Fi password.
These minor changes will significantly increase the security of your home network, so they are definitely worth trying.

How to login?

Basically this procedure works with any other default IP address and it is quite simple.

Open up your browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox it doesn’t matter)
Type in the browser address bar like in the image.

Press Enter on the keyboard.

If this is the correct router IP, the login window will appear and you will be asked to enter the router’s default username and password.

Normally the default login details can be found in the user’s manual or on the label underneath the router, but here is a short list of the router brands that use this IP as a default one and the official default usernames and passwords.

Writen by Anis Beckham